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Venue and Location

The ELEKTRO 2020 conference venue will be the PALACE OF THE DUKES OF SANTO STEFANO and EXCELSIOR PALACE HOTEL in TAORMINA, SICILY. Taormina is one of the most beautiful and magic places in the world located on a rocky plateau of Mount Tauro overlooking the Ionian sea, at a height of about 250 meters. Taormina boasts a rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage with a healthy climate and beautiful natural scenery. The Palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano is a masterpiece of Sicilian Romaneque and Gotic style, fitted with Arabic-Norman elements. Excelsior Palace Hotel Taormina is a historic 4-star hotel in the center of Taormina. The Hotel is situated on a picturesque promontory that offers a stunning view.

For information on how to get there, please visit the website or