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13  International conference ELEKTRO 2020 - Conference program
        Dear “ELEKTRO 2020 conference” participants, dear colleagues, dear ladies and gentlemen
        It is my pleasure to welcome all of you, especially we would like to warmly welcome our foreign guests and friends from Italy, Poland, Russia,
        Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovenia, Croatia and, of course, from the Czech Republic whose participation gives an international dimension to
        this international conference. Unfortunately, the modality of our conference has to be modified in virtual online form, due to worldwide pandemic
        situation caused by well-known Corona Virus. Our ideas were bold. We were planning E2020 in Taormina, which is a beautiful resort in Sicily, with
        the help of our long-period partner Università degli Studi di Catania. Unfortunately, all plans have been foiled due to corona crisis. Nevertheless,
        our hopes are high and we believe to organize the E2022 in Taormina.
        Our faculty is organizing the ELEKTRO conference since 1995. Our beginnings were modest but the quality of the conference has grown up, which
        led to acceptance of the scientific articles in WOS and SCOPUS databases.
        The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has gone through dynamic development, which has been significantly reflected
        in quality of our pedagogical process and research activities. First of all I would like to point out the most fundamental activities of the faculty
        resulting in the definition of the conference topics. I have to say with pride that, for the period that has passed since the previous conference, our
        faculty has shifted significantly in the scientific-research area, as is also evidenced by the quality of our publishing activity.
        Research and education at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is  focused on smart energy, green energy, smart
        electrical machines and transport systems, smarter cities, information and communication technologies, radio and mobile networks, photonic
        networks, multimedia technologies, digital signal processing, power semiconductive systems, mechatronics, control of power electrical networks,
        e-mobility, automation, safety technologies for control and information systems, green transport, utilization of acoustic and optical wave process-
        es for the investigation of condensed matter, material science, optoelectronics, photonic and theory of high-energy physics.
        The faculty gives emphasis on different interdisciplinary branches e.g. mechatronics, autotronics and robotics, biomedical engineering and
        e-health technologies in cooperation with Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava, also nanotechnologies,
        information systems in power engineering such as smart grids, ICT safety, intelligent transportation systems, smarter cities, multimedia technol-
        ogies, space communication, smart specialisation, etc.
        Since the previous conference, held two years ago, the faculty has significantly improved its research infrastructure in laboratories. It is one of the
        most important preconditions for success in the future towards excellency in science and education in international dimension. The strength of the
        faculty is engagement in a number of scientific projects where we mainly use the domestic grant schemes KEGA, VEGA, APVV. We also participate
        in the COST, H2020, Eureka, IoT schemes. Very important is also the Erasmus+ programme as support for mobility of students and teachers.
        Dynamic development in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, biomedicine and applied informatics brings new
        challenges, new problems, new knowledge and solutions. I also believe that stronger activation of the team from FEIT UNIZA will contribute to its
        further progress and will increase its importance as an international information source of the scientific community.
        I believe that the conference ELEKTRO 2020, although in an online form, will provide a platform to bring together experts to create new added
        value and new activities.
        I would like to thank to all invited speakers for accepting our invitation, all active participants and guests from partner faculties, universities,
        industries and other research institutions. Allow me to thank all members of the scientific committee and organizers.
        I want to give special thanks for technical support we obtained from the IEEE, Czechoslovakia Section, Italy Section, Region 08 and Joint Chapter
        of Industry Application Society and Industrial Electronics Society and also sponsors from the ranks of industrial subjects.
        In the end, allow me to congratulate our partner Università degli Studi di Catania, for theirs collaboration in preparation of this conference. We
        wish them successful fight against Corona Virus.
        I believe this conference will help us to catalyse research activities towards new challenges in the international research and higher educational
        area for growing up the quality and effectiveness of research and education in general.
        Let me conclude paraphrasing the Italian prime Minister: Let’s stay online today in order to hug each other more warmly and to run faster tomor-
        row. We’ll make it.

                                                     Prof. Pavol Špánik
                                                 Chairman of the Conference

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