Preliminary program of the conference ELEKTRO 2024

Date TimeRoom R1Room R2Room R3
Monday May 20, 202412:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 14:15
Opening Ceremony
chairman: Peter Hockicko
14:15 - 15:00
Invited Lecture 1
chairman: Michal Frivaldsky
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
15:00 - 15:30
Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:00
Invited Lecture 2
chairman: Aleš Janota
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
16:00 - 18:00
TPC1 Session 1
TPC1 - Informatics and Information Technologies
chairman: Robert Hudec
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
#0029 L. Kapicak, J. Stipal, K. Trubak, P. Machnik, P. Burdiak, J. Rozhon: Misuse of Wi-Fi Data to Analyze User Behaviour
#0041 A. J. Hoffman, M. S. Fiorita, A. M. Fiorita: Combining RFID and image-based vehicle identification data to detect illegal vehicles
#0053 M. Simeonov, T. Petrov, P. Kamencay, M. Dado: Contribution to the analysis of digital infrastructure in terms of readiness for cooperative, connected and automated mobility
#0079 X. Zak, J. Machaj, L. Sevcik: A Comparative Analysis of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 Web Server Performance
#0112 A. Zgank, G. Donaj, D. Vlaj: Speech Quality Assessment and Emotions – effect on the PESQ metric
#0122 J. Pedro: Coherent Pluggable Optical Transceivers: Performance versus Interoperability
TPC2 Session 1
TPC2 - Power Electronics and Energy Systems
chairman: Michal Frivaldsky
technical staff: Matus Danko
#0035 M. Hornik, M. Stano, P. Rafajdus: Analysis of losses in ferromagnetic materials in synchronous motor with permanent magnets
#0045 J. Šedo, J. Morgoš, P. Resutík: Influence of analog input circuits to DSP SAR ADC and its optimization
#0083 A. Franko, P. P. Makys: Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) for medium- and high-speed region in eMobility
#0131 T. Basarik, M. Lacko, M. Pástor, D. Gordan, T. Kmecik: Iterative method for estimating the parameters of a linear transformer model
#0136 M. Prídala, M. Šúpolík, M. Prazenica: Choosing right topology for bidirectional power converter used in a battery storage system based on efficiency and economic perspective
#0157 M. Danko, P. Resutik: Battery regeneration with pulse charging
#0163 M. Šuňal, A. Stupka, T. Kulhánek, J. Kopčan, J. Matušov: BMS Battery Unit Architecture for Second-Life Batteries
TPC3 Session 1
TPC3 - Materials and Technologies, Biomedical Engineering
chairman: Mariana Beňová
technical staff: Stefan Hardon
#0066 E. U. Szychta, L. Szychta, K. Olszewski: The influence of electromagnetic field on honey bee workers – review paper
#0093 M. Bajtos, N. Dang, R. Radil, L. Janoušek: Assessing Biological Responses of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: Insights and Implications
#0094 R. Cichorowski, O. Kocikowska, M. Bajtos, R. Radil, L. Janoušek, D. G. de Carrillo, S. Student: Biological influence of low-frequency electromagnetic field exposition based on selected cell death markers
#0098 P. Procka, L. Menich, M. Labuda, S. Borik: Multimodal Analysis of Tissue Dynamics - Spotlight on Perfusion and Temperature
#0069 Z. Pšenáková, M. Smetana, D. Gombárska, P. Klčo: Analysis of the Cough Sound Records
#0130 F. Bacova, M. Beňová: Exploring the Impact of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in Railway Compartment: A CST Studio Suite Simulation Study
18:00 - 18:50
Poster session
chairman: Pavol Makyš
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
#0031 M. Tomašov, M. Tkáč, P. Stanko, M. Matejko: Simple Mathematical Model of BESS Suitable for Optimization Purposes
#0040 J. Kafková, P. Gažovič, V. Šimák, P. Kuchár, R. Pirník, S. Di Girolamo: Enhancing Emergency Response: The Leg-Pulling Robot for Efficient Evacuations
#0061 M. Frivaldsky, M. Pric, V. Kindl, b. skala, m. zavrel: Analysis of the economical aspects of hybrid energy storage system design for electric vehicle
#0078 J. Brtiš, J. Ždánsky, R. Pirnik: Design and implementation of safety functions for the CNC milling machine
#0171 B. Krzysztof, M. Czechowski, T. Naczyński: Connecting European devices in the US
#0172 Ł. Pluszyński, K. Pomorski: Towards Analog Electric Simulation of Quantum Particles using Kron's Second Model
#0085 M. Zavrel, V. Kindl, M. Frivaldský: Overview of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Topologies in E-mobility Applications
#0104 M. Frivaldsky, J. Simcak, p. Resutik, V. Kindl, M. zavrel, b. skala: Evaluation of the efficiency performance of 3-phase and 6-phase voltage source inverter
#0161 M. Frivaldsky, V. Kindl, B. Skala, M. Zavrel: Analysis of the alternative voltage type rectifier for WPT system
#0170 Z. Mielnik: Finite element model in measuring the magnetization characteristics of MR fluids
#0173 J. Zielonka, T. Naczyński: Introduction to the Application of Deep Convolution Networks for the Diagnostics of a Group of Induction Motors
19:00 - 23:59
Dinner - Welcome Party
Tuesday May 21, 202408:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 09:10
Invited Lecture 3
chairman: Pavol Makyš
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
09:10 - 09:50
Invited Lecture 4
chairman: Mario Cacciato
chairman: Michal Frivaldsky
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
09:50 - 10:00
Coffee Break
10:00 - 12:00
TPC5 Session 1
TPC5 - Education in Electrical Engineering and ICT
chairman: Ivan Melo
technical staff: Marek Roch
#0068 Z. Pšenáková, D. Gombárska, M. Smetana: Implementation of laboratory exercises in the process of teaching the subject of Electrical Circuits
#0090 M. Labuda, P. Procka: Design of an Electrocardiograph with Programmable Signal Gain and Adjustable DRL Circuit Gain – for education purposes
#0097 I. Melo, N. Tarjanyi: Measuring the Polarization State of Light - a Student Lab Exercise
#0103 M. Gála, Z. Pšenáková: Optimizing Professional Practice in Biomedical Engineering: A Path to Efficient and Innovative Progress
#0158 S. Iľkovič: The concept of a universal measuring system of physical quantities
#0159 V. Grešová, S. Iľkovič: The process of creating an instructional video for the specific teaching aids
TPC2 Session 2
TPC2 - Power Electronics and Energy Systems
chairman: Pavol Makyš
technical staff: Matus Danko
#0016 S. Kaščák, P. Resutík, M. Praženica: Hybrid energy storage system as a power supply for a defined power profile
#0036 B. Takac, P. Makys: Analytical comparison of Power Balance methods for airgap torque accuracy determination in automotive applications
#0111 M. Zavrel, V. Kindl, M. Frivaldský: Feasibility Study of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Based on AC Power Distribution Bus and Matric Converter
#0128 M. Šimčák, M. Frivaldský: Electrical simulation model identification method used in multi-cell LiFePO4 battery
#0140 R. BIRASA, C. S. Marțiș: Comparative analysis of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor topologies and the impacts of temperature on their performance
#0174 A. Di Cataldo, G. Aiello, D. Patti, G. Scelba, M. Cacciato, F. Gennaro: Design of a Modular GaN-based Three-Phase Three-Level ANPC Inverter
#0166 S. Turza, J. Boleček, P. Valenta, M. Liška, O. Lipták: Simulation of Dual Active Bridge Topology for Second-Life Batteries
#0167 Z. Kolková, J. Jandík, J. Novotný, A. Zubo, J. Matušov: Thermal Simulation of Second-Life Battery Container Operation
TPC3 Session 2
TPC3 - Materials and Technologies, Biomedical Engineering
chairman: Dušan Pudiš
technical staff: Stefan Hardon
#0022 N. Tarjányi, D. Káčik: Investigating the Temporal Evolution of the Deformation of Viscous Materials Utilizing Their Birefringence
#0024 I. Martinček, D. Káčik, M. Goraus, P. Zvolensky: Support element with magnetic attachment for optical fiber sensor for monitoring railway traffic
#0026 P. Gašo, S. Bulatov, D. Pudis, D. Jandura: Cantilevers for atomic force microscopy prepared by 3D laser lithography
#0028 A. Periola, M. Adonis: Renewable Sources – A Genetic Perspective and Application Architecture for Improved Underwater Astronomy Observations
#0095 D. Káčik, I. Martinček, M. Goraus, N. Tarjányi, J. Maciak, M. Šulek: Response of Fabry-Perot interferometric optical fiber sensor to wheel defect
#0114 K. Slobodník, R. Spurný, L. Šroubová, J. Šebele: Design and Control of Ceramic 3D Printer
#0142 D. Mrena, D. Pudiš: A tunable laser interference lithography for extreme period range gratings
12:00 - 13:00
13:30 - 15:30
Poster session
chairman: Norbert Tarjányi
technical staff: Stefan Hardon
#0138 T. Paulec, J. Tvarožek, J. Šimko, M. Prazenica, P. Špánik, J. Šedo, P. Resutík: Introduction to the issue of the use of voltage and current pulses in the electrolytic production of hydrogen
#0010 N. A. Kopylova, P. Hockicko: Analytical Evaluation and Experimental Study of the Developed Web-Application - Space Information Systems and Technologies - for Student Training and Control in English Language
#0014 R. Konarik, M. Prazenica, J. Simko: Application of the State Space Method in the solution of Power Semiconductor Converters
#0017 O. Hock, p. Durana: Design of educational model of 4-bit multiplier
#0018 O. Hock, P. Durana: Design of educational model of 8-bit serial communication
#0025 N. Tarjányi, G. Tarjányiová: Investigating the Motion of a Compound Pendulum Using Video Analysis
#0102 S. Hardon, J. Kúdelčík, P. Hockicko: Innovation of the laboratory exercise for measurement of magnetic field of the Earth
#0134 N. A. Kopylova, P. Hockicko: Methodological Basics of Digital Technologies in the Innovative Education System
#0135 G. Tarjanyiova, P. Hockicko: The supplementary education of Physics for incoming STEM students - Force Concept Inventory during years 2020-2022
#0156 M. Danko, L. Hargas, D. Koniar, B. Hanko: Usage of virtual instrumentation in teaching automotive buses
#0126 P. W. Gałaszkiewicz, A. Pogrebnjak, M. Sahul, T. N. Kołtunowicz: Electrical Properties of Nanocomposite films Containing WS2
#0106 J. Sturekova, P. Kamencay, A. Skrvan, R. Hlavata: A Benchmark Study of Deep Learning Algorithms for PPG Signal Processing
#0105 A. Skrvan, R. Hudec, J. Sturekova, V. Harabiš, J. Chmelik: Radon Transform-Based 3D Reconstruction of Brain Vasculature from 2D Angiography
TPC2 Session 3
TPC2 - Power Electronics and Energy Systems
chairman: Giacomo Scelba
technical staff: Marek Roch
#0009 D. Wenander, F. J. Márquez-Fernández, M. Alaküla: Measurements of the Electric Properties of the Current Collector in a Conductive Electric Road
#0012 P. Bracinik, M. Kajanová, M. Tkáč: Charging power control based on electric vehicle owners' requests for delivered energy and charging time.
#0015 V. Švárna, M. Frivaldský: Silicon Carbide Technology: State-of-the-art
#0082 A. Franko, P. Makys: Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) for zero- and low-speed region in eMobility
#0086 M. Sadaf, A. Farooq, Z. Ullah, M. Ahsan: Control Strategies for Electric Vehicle Drives: FOC Implementation with MTPA and Field Weakening
#0160 B. Skala, V. Kindl, D. Vlach, L. Sobotka, M. Zavrel, M. Frivaldsky: Induction Motor under Open Phase Condition
#0164 M. Šuňal, A. Stupka, T. Kulhánek, J. Kopčan, J. Matušov: BMS Controller Architecture for Second-Life Batteries
#0169 L. D. Tornello, M. G. Spitaleri, G. Scarcella, M. Cacciato: An Analytical Model of a SiC MOSFETs in Parallel Configuration
TPC4 Session 1
TPC4 - Robotics, Cybernetics, Mechatronics
chairman: Aleš Janota
technical staff: Zuzana Pšenáková
#0002 P. Kuchár, M. Vároš, R. Pirnik, J. Kafková, J. Kekelák, G. Garraffa, D. Šišmišová: Development of a Smart Non-lethal Trap Prototype utilising ESP32-CAM and PIR sensor
#0020 J. Romančík, R. Rákay, M. Vagaš: Applicability of optical sensors in packaging tasks
#0060 I. Kramberger, N. Kosanič: Improving TRISAT-R satellite attitude prediction by incorporating a high-resolution optical sensor to Kalman filtering
#0067 J. Kekelák, D. Nemec, T. Ivan, J. Capák, J. Kafková, P. Kuchár: Design of a modular control system for an AGV
#0072 A. Janota, P. Holečko: Augmented Reality Used in Technical Diagnostics and Maintenance
#0115 D. Popescu, L. Rusu, M. I. Marin, A. H. Burileanu, C. P. Copilusi, H. Roibu: Lower Limb Motions Analysis for Development of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robotic System
#0124 L. Pancurák, K. Kyslan, D. Marcin: Sensitivity Analysis of Finite Control Set Model Predictive Direct Speed Control of PMSM
15:30 - 16:00
Coffee Break
16:00 - 18:00
TPC2 Session 4
TPC2 - Power Electronics and Energy Systems
chairman: Michal Frivaldsky
technical staff: Matus Danko
#0051 P. P. Stanko: Effect of Power Quality Variations on Electricity Consumption
#0108 A. Blaško, V. Vavrus: Computer modeling of B6-bridge with EC motor
#0116 D. Nardo, G. Aiello, F. Gennaro, M. Cacciato, G. Scelba: Investigation on WBG power devices inside bidirectional PFC in On-board charger applications
#0123 M. Pástor, D. Gordan: Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter with High Efficiency
#0133 M. Pacha, R. Havrila: Laboratory test bench for traction drives with series-connected traction inverters
#0153 J. Morgos, J. Sedo, P. Resutik: Influence of sensing contacts on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurement of EV batteries
#0165 S. Turza, J. Boleček, P. Valenta, M. Liška, O. Lipták: DC/DC Converter Architecture for Use of Second-Life Batteries
#0168 Z. Kolková, J. Jandík, J. Novotný, A. Zubo, J. Matušov: Topology and Main System Components in Second-Life Battery Energy Storage Systems
TPC1 Session 2
TPC1 - Informatics and Information Technologies
chairman: Peter Brida
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
#0034 Y. Li: What Goes Up……: modelling the Bitcoin rollercoaster ride
#0043 T. Páleník, V. Szitkey, J. Otruba, L. Divinec: A minimal-resource LDPC encoder and decoder design for memory-constrained systems
#0071 G. Cibira, I. Glesk, J. Dubovan, D. Benedikovic: Impact of statistically small population sampling on threshold detection
#0080 S. Suchalova, R. Hudec, M. Benco, A. Pisarcik: EEG Signals Preprocessing for BCI Systems Using Visual Evoked Potentials
#0081 A. Pisarcik, M. Benco, R. Hudec, S. Suchalova: Render Performance Optimization of 3D Application
18:00 - 18:50
Poster session
chairman: Pavol Makyš
technical staff: Ondrej Hock
#0008 M. Frivaldsky, j. Skorvaga, P. Resutik: Power inverter design for wireless power transfer system
#0050 M. Höger, M. Klimo, M. Tkáč: Clustering technique for enhanced optimization and control of distribution networks
#0054 D. Konvičný, M. Stano, P. Makys: Control Strategies for Resonance Linear Motor Test Bench
#0076 B. Adamec, J. Machaj, X. Žák, P. Brida: Design and Practical Realisation of a Multichannel Bandpass Filter for the Current DVB-T2 Band
#0091 J. Šimko, M. Praženica, R. Koňarik: Progressive Control Methods of Power Converters: An Overview
#0092 J. Šimko, M. Praženica, R. Koňarik, S. Kaščák: Design of a Neural Network for Controlling the Output Voltage of a Step-Down DC/DC Converter
#0107 M. Gutten, D. Korenciak, M. Karman, M. Paskala, T. N. Koltunowicz: Contactless diagnostics of dry transformers during operation condition
#0113 B. Butnariu, A. REBHAOUI, R. A. Ințe, F. N. Jurca, X. JANNOT, C. S. MARȚIȘ: Influence of slot/pole combinations on the performance of Dual-Rotor Axial-Flux Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Electric Motor for Automotive Applications
#0125 P. Rogalski, P. Żukowski, M. Gutten, D. Korenciak: The impact of moisture diffusion from paper-oil insulation on oil DC conductivity
#0129 D. Korenciak, M. Gutten, M. Karman, V. Bondariev, T. N. Koltunowicz: Noise Analysis of Dry Transformer in the Laboratory Conditions
#0132 K. Kierczynski, P. Zukowski, M. Zenker, M. Szrot, P. Molenda, D. Korenciak, M. Gutten: DC conductivity of electrical pressboard impregnated with mineral oil of natural origin at various moisture levels
#0137 J. Tvarožek, T. Paulec, M. Prazenica: Analysis of the DC-DC converter characteristics for cost effective low voltage battery storage system
IEEE meeting
chairman: Matej Pacha
STEM education meeting
chairman: Peter Hockicko
19:00 - 23:59
Dinner - Closing Ceremony
Wednesday May 22, 202409:00 - 12:00
Social program (guided tour)
technical staff: Silvia Pirníková
technical staff: Zuzana Pšenáková
12:00 - 13:00